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Why Do We Create A Negative Reality for Ourselves?

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 8, 2010

I posted this response (slightly modified) in an internet forum to the question of why we often fail to truly believe in our dreams and ability to create them.

I think you address a very important point about LoA failure: that crippling inner dialogue. Many LoA amateurs often see belief as a wallpaper, when in reality it’s the foundation itself. People may think they truly believe, but it’s merely paper covering a rotten core: and deep down they know it. Thus, their affirmations are a constant battle between their mind pretending and wanting to believe and the subconscious which knows the truth.

I used to be a school teacher (in the USA) and let me tell you: conditioning is real and it starts early. Even if the parents don’t beat the love of life out of a kid, the schools will happily do it for them (one reason I’m no longer in that profession). The system teaches us we should follow orders, sit still, aim low, work for someone else, retire and die. I know I’m exaggerating for effect, but it’s not too far off. This is the rotten conditioning most of us have to cut through to manifest our desires.

How do we undo it? I think it comes through recovering the joy in the everyday. We become so grateful for the present we no longer hold onto the hurts and failures of the past and feel no desperation for the future. We live in the eternal now. And with that comes a sincere and genuine (note those words) gratitude for all we have.

Granted, it’s easier to write than to do! I think achieving this state requires meditation and prayer. Why? Because both of those, when done right, bring us peace. And with peace, worry about the past and the future cease. Speaking practically I would recommend a lot of daily meditation. I’m not perfect, but I notice huge differences in my mental power when I meditate and when I don’t. I personally like self-hypnosis to get in me in the right frame of mind, followed by lots of silence and reflection.


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My Experience With Self-Hypnosis (Part 3)

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 1, 2010

The last few blog posts have been grouped around the theme of self-hypnosis. On Wednesday, I discussed what it is and how to enter a trance. Yesterday, I explained how trance feels. Today I want to talk about how the actual experience has impacted my life.

Let me say that I’ve come to rely on my daily dose of trance a lot. If I don’t self-hypnotize myself, I miss it. If I go several days without it, I feel less mentally powerful, if that makes any sense. Why? I think it’s true for several reasons.

First, my trance time is ‘me time.’ As much as I love my family and my life, it still has a hectic side to it. It’s especially easy to dwell on my current lack of employment, for example. My trance is a time where life slows down instantly, the worries disappear, and I have time to assess my thoughts.

Second, my trance time is relaxation time. Part of my emphasis during trance is de-stressing. My script specifically relates to this theme and the results are very positive. It’s twenty minutes of purposeful relaxation which is often missing from most 21st century American lives (mine included).

Third, my trance time is my cheerleading time. In this case I am my cheerleader. During trance, my recorded self reminds my real self of my reasons to be happy, my affirmations, and above all, the feeling of joy and success. Each time I go into trance I am reminded what life is all about and why my life is no longer the negative one I left behind.

Finally, my trance time is insight time. I not only use my self-hypnosis sessions as a time to relax and remind myself of the better things in life. I also use it to get deeper insights into myself and the world. Trance is that rare time in which we’re plugged more deeply into the universe and our own consciousness. I keep a running diary of insights (Word file) and sometimes even talk during trance and see what I say. It’s more of a stream of consciousness type of thing. I also visualize what comes to my mind and run with it (e.g. if a house comes to mind, I walk in and look around, etc.).

As I conclude my 3 part series on self-hypnosis, I would like to recommend it to everyone. It can be used as a form of meditation, prayer, self-improvement, etc. It has transformed my life and I hope it can do the same for you. If you have any questions, consult books, the internet, or ask a question in the comment box. I’ll try to offer as much help as possible.

Part 1
Part 2

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My Experience With Self-Hypnosis (Part 2)

Posted by jeromefaraday on September 30, 2010

Yesterday I discussed how I set up my self-hypnosis sessions. Today I want to explore the feeling of self-hypnosis.

When I first started going into trance I had what I think was a common concern: am I doing it right? I was influenced by television and movies where the people put in a trance by magicians seem to be in an other-wordly state where they’re willing to do just about anything. I expected a similar result.

I had to let go of that notion in order for self-hypnosis to be valuable and you probably will too. So, what does self-hypnosis actually feel like? I suspect the feeling will be slightly different for most people, but for me, being in trance is a little like a relaxing, waking dream. The experience seems very timeless and a bit blurry, but the underlying reality is clear. I don’t know if it makes any sense, but this is my best approximation. To put it another way, it feels a lot like an intense session of meditation or prayer.

However, I should mention a few things that trance is not. You’re not putting yourself to sleep or ‘out of it.’ You won’t do anything you normally wouldn’t do, like acts you regard as immoral (this is true of all hypnosis). You can pull yourself out of trance quickly if necessary. This is important to remember because you’re not making yourself helpless during those 15-20 minutes of hypnosis. However, you will be exceedingly relaxed and coming out of trance may feel a bit like waking up.

Tomorrow, I’ll conclude this 3 part series and discuss how I make the most of trance in terms of insights, visualizations, etc.

Part 1

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My Experience With Self-Hypnosis

Posted by jeromefaraday on September 29, 2010

I’ll never forget walking into a bookstore with a friend years ago and he picked out a book on self-hypnosis. I laughed a little. The concept sounded so silly and besides he’d already tried every self-help tip known to man (and woman). It’s a bit of cosmic irony that over ten years later self-hypnosis has become such a huge part of my life.

I discovered self-hypnosis through a friend who recommended it to add power to my daily affirmations. I trusted him, so I tried it even though my doubts from years earlier persisted. I set a physical and auditory anchor for my trance and now can go in and out quite easily. I thought I’d use my blog over the next few days to discuss my experiences.

Today, I want to discuss how to do self-hypnosis. While I’m sure there are a variety of ways, I think from a basic standpoint, it only requires an appropriate script, a microphone, a recording device, and free time.

I write my own scripts based off models, but essentially, I like my script to take my mind to a “place” where I feel calm, successful, happy, or whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish. I also include my affirmations and other cues in my scripts. I tell myself you are x or you are attracting y, etc. I often talk myself into creating visuals as well. I leave lots of room for the mind to act spontaneously too. This is the most fun part of self-hypnosis.

Once I write the script, I record it as an audio file. The free program Audacity is good for this. It can record your audio and then export it to an mp3 format for easy playback. I include lots of quiet time throughout to visualize, reflect, and meditate. I feel that self-hypnosis shouldn’t be rushed. Audacity makes silence easy too.

After I’ve recorded my script, I’ll go to a quiet room and put myself into trance. I do this by using an anchor. You can talk yourself into trance any time via a recorded script, but an anchor is easiest in the long run. An anchor is an action, word, etc. that you’ve trained your mind to associate with a particular result. For example, some people set an anchor for feeling full to lose weight. When they’re full they touch their nose with their left finger, for example. They do it enough and their mind associates that action with fullness. So, they can touch their nose with the left finger and feel full, even if they’re not physically stuffed.

Once you talk yourself into trance, you can then set the anchor. You can write this into your script (e.g. touch thumb and forefinger together tightly…this is your signal to go into trance) and after a few times the anchor will be set. Once this happens, you can instantly start your self-hypnosis. I add an anchor word as well. Think of it as a code word. Whatever anchors you choose, don’t make them too common or you’ll find yourself going into trance at inopportune times. Seriously.

Tomorrow, I’ll look at the trance experience more in depth.

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