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The Reality of the Future and Detachment

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 5, 2010

The other day I was searching for a book. I’d just had it in my hand and briefly laid it down. But, it had disappeared. I started to feel a little annoyed, then I backtracked mentally. The book was found. That’s right, I knew the book had already been found. It had to be in my bedroom somewhere. It was only a matter of a little looking. But, in the reality that exists outside of space and time (which quantum physics seems to suggest the world is in some fashion) it was already found.

It wasn’t a huge insight, but it had a profound impact on me. Much of what drives us to anxiety and fear is stuff that’s already occurred on some level. Outside of time, the job-seeker has found work, the aspiring musician has a hit song, etc. This doesn’t negate the work necessary to achieve the reality, but it allows us to detach from the outcome. For example, a person of incredible wealth who works to keep busy can approach that job in a different way than the person weighed down by debt for whom that job is a terrible necessity.

Likewise, when we’re trying to attract something in our lives, we must have such faith in its occurrence that the anxiety that comes with not having it disappears. We can’t truly be enjoying our dreams if we have anxiety about getting them. The revelation I had with the book helped me internalize an important dimension of the law of attraction: you must not only feel like you’ve already achieved it, you must also detach from the outcome by knowing its reality.


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The Power of Gratitude

Posted by jeromefaraday on September 10, 2010

We all (probably) remember mom strongly encouraging us to write thank you notes to relatives growing up, even though we hated the Bible video game Aunt Reba got us instead of Mortal Kombat. In spite of the complaints, deep down I think we always knew mom was right.

I personally believe that gratitude is the single greatest asset we have in our pursuit of happiness and abundance. And its absence is the single greatest hindrance. Let’s look at a few examples.

Detachment– Ironically, being overly attached to our goals often keeps us from achieving them. It’s the principle that explains why people who desperately want children, but can’t, often end up having one after they adopt. The pressure is off and things happen. People who quit a team, then hit a home run are another example.

Gratitude helps us detach. Why? Because being sincerely grateful for the present means we don’t need the dreams for the future. It’s not that we give them up. Rather, we don’t have to obsess over them and they never feel stressful or like work.

Attracting Abundance- Jesus said if someone is untrustworthy with small things, he or she will essentially be untrustworthy with the big ones too. If someone is miserable and finding fault with a modest income and wealth, then wouldn’t that same person just have more to complain about with abundance?

I believe God gives the best things in life to people who are truly grateful with what they already have. What about those who have a lot of material wealth and aren’t grateful? Well, look at Lindsay Lohan whose riches just give her greater opportunities for misery. If we are grateful for all we currently have we’ll always be happy with the blessings God has given us and prepared to handle what he’s going to send our way.

Creating Reality– I am a firm believer that we create our own reality. It sounds very metaphysical, but look at it this way: some people look at a cityscape and see beauty; others look at the same scene and see something very ugly. Beauty, joy, happiness, and all other emotions are a product of the mind.

Gratitude gives us a great head start in creating a joyful, happy, and hopeful reality. It’s hard to have a negative reality when you’re genuinely grateful for the people, places, and things in your life.

How to Do It– Although tips for expressing gratitude will be a regular feature of this blog, here’s where everyone can start: identify what you’re grateful for. Most people are so busy focusing on stresses, problems, and even goals, they miss the good things in life now. Start a gratitude journal today. Each night resolve to write down at least five people, events, things, etc. that you’re grateful for. If possible share them during family discussion or prayer time. It’s always fun to go back and read old entries too.

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