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Have a (Subconscious) Blast!

Posted by jeromefaraday on September 25, 2010

I’ve always found the idea of subconscious influence fascinating. How much of our life is determined by messages from the world that we aren’t even aware of?  Some people are skeptical, but the FCC and the corresponding Canadian regulatory agency disallowed subliminal messages in the 1970’s.

I was excited when I read about a program that flashes motivational affirmations on computer screens while the person surfs the net, works, etc. However, I wasn’t so thrilled about the price (in excess of 35 dollars). Fortunately, I did a little research and discovered Subliminal Blaster, a free program that does the same thing. Here is my review.

The  program, which takes up very little hard drive space, flashes words and phrases quickly on the computer screen. They’re barely noticeable by the conscious mind, but the subconscious picks them up. The program comes with several preset modules like prosperity, accepting myself, controlling dreams, etc. Each has around 15 phrases and affirmations (e.g. I am letting go of my past). However, it’s possible to add your own personalized affirmations too.

The options are rather limited, but it’s possible to change the time between messages, message duration, color, size, and location (I prefer to have mine shown all over the screen, for example). The only down side is that it appears to slow down my computer a little bit and when I am doing memory intensive computer work, I’ll just stop the session or exit the program.

Overall, I highly recommend Subliminal Blaster. Most of  us spend hours in front of the computer screen everyday, so why not get some benefit?


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