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Why Do We Create A Negative Reality for Ourselves?

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 8, 2010

I posted this response (slightly modified) in an internet forum to the question of why we often fail to truly believe in our dreams and ability to create them.

I think you address a very important point about LoA failure: that crippling inner dialogue. Many LoA amateurs often see belief as a wallpaper, when in reality it’s the foundation itself. People may think they truly believe, but it’s merely paper covering a rotten core: and deep down they know it. Thus, their affirmations are a constant battle between their mind pretending and wanting to believe and the subconscious which knows the truth.

I used to be a school teacher (in the USA) and let me tell you: conditioning is real and it starts early. Even if the parents don’t beat the love of life out of a kid, the schools will happily do it for them (one reason I’m no longer in that profession). The system teaches us we should follow orders, sit still, aim low, work for someone else, retire and die. I know I’m exaggerating for effect, but it’s not too far off. This is the rotten conditioning most of us have to cut through to manifest our desires.

How do we undo it? I think it comes through recovering the joy in the everyday. We become so grateful for the present we no longer hold onto the hurts and failures of the past and feel no desperation for the future. We live in the eternal now. And with that comes a sincere and genuine (note those words) gratitude for all we have.

Granted, it’s easier to write than to do! I think achieving this state requires meditation and prayer. Why? Because both of those, when done right, bring us peace. And with peace, worry about the past and the future cease. Speaking practically I would recommend a lot of daily meditation. I’m not perfect, but I notice huge differences in my mental power when I meditate and when I don’t. I personally like self-hypnosis to get in me in the right frame of mind, followed by lots of silence and reflection.


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The Reality of the Future and Detachment

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 5, 2010

The other day I was searching for a book. I’d just had it in my hand and briefly laid it down. But, it had disappeared. I started to feel a little annoyed, then I backtracked mentally. The book was found. That’s right, I knew the book had already been found. It had to be in my bedroom somewhere. It was only a matter of a little looking. But, in the reality that exists outside of space and time (which quantum physics seems to suggest the world is in some fashion) it was already found.

It wasn’t a huge insight, but it had a profound impact on me. Much of what drives us to anxiety and fear is stuff that’s already occurred on some level. Outside of time, the job-seeker has found work, the aspiring musician has a hit song, etc. This doesn’t negate the work necessary to achieve the reality, but it allows us to detach from the outcome. For example, a person of incredible wealth who works to keep busy can approach that job in a different way than the person weighed down by debt for whom that job is a terrible necessity.

Likewise, when we’re trying to attract something in our lives, we must have such faith in its occurrence that the anxiety that comes with not having it disappears. We can’t truly be enjoying our dreams if we have anxiety about getting them. The revelation I had with the book helped me internalize an important dimension of the law of attraction: you must not only feel like you’ve already achieved it, you must also detach from the outcome by knowing its reality.

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Abundance vs. Materialism (Part 2)

Posted by jeromefaraday on September 14, 2010

Continued from Part 1

Fourth, abundance comes from God. Jesus said if we ask, we shall receive. He says in another place that if we ask for anything within the will of the Father, we’ll receive it. I think these passages can be related to abundance (even if not their exact original intent). If we are grateful for what God gives us, I believe he will trust us with more blessings (some even material), so long as we use them to bless others, especially the less fortunate. Materialism, however, comes from misguided human desire. It’s often about showing off, competing, creating haves and have nots. Since most of us use money this way, it’s no wonder Jesus said money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Finally, abundance satisfies. Possessing abundance allows a person to go to sleep at night and rest easily knowing that he’s living a fulfilled, meaningful life. He is grateful for his possessions, his friends, and his lot in life and even though he may dream of bigger and better things, it would be a continuation of the same sense of gratitude and joy. Materialism doesn’t create satisfaction, but rather, engenders anxiety. The materialist goes to bed worrying about whether or not she can keep up with her neighbors, afford the right brand names, etc.

I hope this blog post made the difference between abundance and materialism a little clearer. It’s often confusing because so many people endeavor to pursue abundance but end up chasing materialism instead (in our society it’s nearly impossible to go against the consumerist grain). But, pursuing abundance is actually a better path, one that blesses the individual and scores of others.

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Abundance vs. Materialism (Part 1)

Posted by jeromefaraday on September 13, 2010

Discovering the law of attraction via friends and The Secret has transformed my life. There’s no other way to describe it. However, I’ve always had problems with one issue: the seeming closeness of abundance and materialism. In fact, based on my web research, it seems to be a primary objection to theories of abundance and the law of attraction.

Some people have horrible views of money and wealth that come from deeply ingrained patterns they learned from others. Often, these people have good intentions. For example, someone may think Jesus wants them to be poor and miserable or that money is just something the elites use to control others. Others see the rabid consumerism of our culture and think (rightly) that there has to be a better way. And because ‘new though’ teaching often speaks of abundance, attracting wealth, etc. they just see it as another form of unbridled materialism.

I don’t think abundance has any connection with materialism. In fact, abundance, properly understood, is a completely opposite concept. Here’s why.

First, abundance is a concept rooted in positive emotions. Everything I’ve read about the law of attraction states that in order for it to be successful the person must tap into feelings of joy, happiness, excitement, etc. The feelings must be (or become) genuine and deep-rooted. Now, materialism, by contrast, is rooted in despair, which is a negative emotion and the functional opposite of joy. The materialist consumes to feel happy. The abundantist (neologism) feels happy and receives things, people, etc. to multiply it.

Second, abundance must always not only bless ourselves but also others. In other words, the blessings (material or otherwise) we receive are meant to be shared and distributed to others. In fact, it could be argued that a truly abundant person blesses others far more than he blesses himself (look at Mother Teresa). Materialism, on the other hand, is about placating a need (I almost used the word blessing here) of the individual, often at the expense of other people (e.g. I want that toy and you can’t have it.)

Third, abundance flows from gratitude. I’ve posted on this before and will again, but gratitude is the basis for all blessings. If we are not truly grateful for what we have now, we won’t enjoy any excess. In fact, that’s materialism in a nutshell: not being satisfied with our possessions and always needing more and more. The abundant person can treasure her possessions, while the materialist always thinks of what to buy next.

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