The Courage to Imagine…

the inifinite possibilities that life always brings


Writer, Philosopher, Lover of Life, Father, Friend, Husband, and so much more.

I studied history, philosophy, and religion at both an undergraduate and graduate level. I taught at a private high school for several years and my innovative techniques and interpersonal skills made me a hugely popular and highly effective teacher. This success also earned me a ticket to unemployment from the narrow minded administrators who never rose above mere bureaucratic competence.

As I contemplated my lack of employment in spite of my overwhelming success at my work, I realized the spiritual paralysis of contemporary life (go to school, get a job for someone else, pursue wealth, retire and enjoy it, die). I had no desire to live according to the minimalist reality “chosen” for me by the supposed leaders of society.

I nearly succumbed to a crippling negativity until I watched “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and started reading books about the nature of quantum reality. I discovered that my fate was my own (and God’s), not someone else’s. Reality could be different, radically different. I just needed the courage to imagine…the infinite possibilities that life always brings.

This blog is devoted to my journey from cog in the machine to a man taking charge of his destiny. I hope you enjoy it. I wish every reader, whether friend or skeptic, the best in life.


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