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It’s About Risks

Posted by jeromefaraday on April 18, 2013

First off, it’s great to be back blogging on this site. I need the outlet this place provides.

Second, I’ve decided to come back with a very important topic: risk taking. While most blogs and articles will focus on the need to avoid being risky, I’m taking a different view. Isn’t it interesting that most of our “education” about risks centers around avoiding them.

Of course this makes sense because so many people take needlessly bad risks: drinking and driving, using drugs, driving fast etc. But the desire to take risks in life is actually a good thing that we need to nurture, as crazy as that sounds.

The most successful people are actually risk takers. That’s because most rewards require risk. Significant rewards usually require major risks. Starting a company, for example, requires a lot of time, effort, and risk. But, it can lead to such great rewards as more money, freedom, and flexibility.

So, taking risks in life can make us happy because it leads to greater rewards. Not only that, but risks throughout life can actually be pleasurable. Our brain enjoys the experience of taking risks with the possibility of rewards. It’s why gambling feels so good and people become addicted.

Don’t go out and do anything stupid. But, try to start taking some good risks in your life. Follow your dreams and go out on that limb to make them happen. If you stay in your current comfort zone, you’ll never enjoy the fun and meaning in life that comes with the rewards of risk taking.


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