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Gratitude Tip: Size Matters

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 17, 2010

I’ve heard it said a lot, mainly by coaches and other leaders, that if you do the small things right, the bigger things tend to take care of themselves. Like all nuggets of wisdom, it has its exceptions, but generally I think it holds true. Now I want to apply it to gratitude.

Nothing is too small to be grateful for. In fact, sometimes the smallest things are those which we need to be the most grateful for because their ‘smallness’ is a sign of how blessed we truly are: housing, food, clean air and water, and even breathing. These aren’t small to people who lack them!

This week, I challenge you to be grateful in every moment. When you remember, look around you and come up with ten things to be thankful about right then and there. Right now, for example, I’m grateful for my computer, the music coming from my computer, home heating, a television, the toys in my house, the kid who plays with them, her health, the safety of my neighborhood, the autumn leaves falling on my lawn, and our collection of funny DVD’s.

Try it. You’ll feel better, more grateful, and closer to God.

One Response to “Gratitude Tip: Size Matters”

  1. Beverley said

    Thank-you for your post and reminding me to stop and be grateful. My ten things to be greatful for right now:
    1) My mum – sitting across the room from me who holds no value in my spiritual endeavours, but stands by me anyway! 2) My computer too – through it I have met a wonderful network of likeminded people, have enless access to resources and learning. 3) My friends, few as they are – each bringing different qualities to my life. 4) My camera – for the pleasure of photography. 5) My books – that I have hoarded for years, but not spent much time reading. 6) Living near the beach / the beach. 7) The roof over my head. 8) My car – without it I would be trapped… 9) Silence – when I can find it! 10) My health.

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