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One of Those Weeks

Posted by jeromefaraday on August 15, 2013

It’s been one of those weeks, which, of course, means it’s time to double down on some positive affirmations. While not a total cure all for a bad day (or week), they certainly help me center myself and move in the right direction.

I recall a line from the kid’s TV show “Little Bear” given by the frog. He basically said a day can’t be good or bad. It’s just a day. I’m reminding myself of that this week. A week can’t be good or bad. It’s just a week.

So, from here on out, it’s going to be a good week. Events don’t determine what I believe. I determine them.


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Short Men Issues

Posted by jeromefaraday on April 24, 2013

heart in sandSometimes, I hear from short men who tough they have it. While short guys aren’t typically a part of a disadvantaged group, there’s no doubt that, especially for a guy, being taller is associated with more success. And, for many short men, they hear about it all the time.

I am shorter than average and I heard it all the time growing up. People weren’t typically mean or malicious. They’d say something like “he’s so little” and mean it in a cute sort of way. But, as a child, I took it the wrong way.

At school, it was just as hard. We’d line up by height and it was always known that those at the shorter end were less popular. The same was true for playing sports. And, you don’t even want to get me started on the short men dating issues!

But, like with anything, short men issues can go away with the right attitude. As I’ve taken control of my life in other ways and gained confidence and joy, I’ve noticed the height issues also disappeared.

Dating, work, and other forms of success have started to come naturally and have nothing to do with my height. In fact, taking a create your own reality attitude is much more important in the grand scheme of things then any alleged limitation at birth.

So, I challenge every shorter guy to actually get over his issues and stop being so hindered by his height. You create your own reality. While you can’t change your height it doesn’t have to hold you back in any way: at work, with friends, dating, or anything! Create your own reality and get out there and make the world a better and more loving place!

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Keeping Faith

Posted by jeromefaraday on April 24, 2013

I just wanted to check in and say I’m keeping faith after all the tragedies befalling the United States. We can’t lose sight of all the good in the world. And, those of us in the create your own reality movement know that a positive thought is far, far more powerful than anything negative.

So, today let’s vow to increase our positive energy and not be driven by negativity. The world has too many good things to let the negatives draw us in. Here’s to making the world a better place!

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Beachbody’s Insanity

Posted by jeromefaraday on April 19, 2013

insanity-300x300I haven’t used this blog to say much about health and fitness because I have other venues. But, I have had a great experience with Beachbody’s Insanity and wanted to say a few words about it.

My first question, I admit, was does insanity work and I was skeptical. I had tried a lot of different products and had been working out for years. I didn’t think a DVD series at home could be good. In fact, I hated working out at home preferring the atmosphere of the gym.

But, I tried the Insanity DVDs and it killed me (well not literally, but almost). It was crazy how sore I was after the first day. I couldn’t even bend down to pick up my pencil! That’s how nutty my soreness was! But, I continued on with the program for a few days.

Then, I noticed my body began to start changing. Although I was in good shape from my previous exercise work, Insanity made my body a lot fitter and leaner. I couldn’t believe how much I was transforming.

The workouts were so intense I was eating all the time! My calories increased a lot and it took a lot to make me full. But, that was evidence that I was getting fitter and leaner. I graduated Insanity and moved on to its sequels Asylum volumes one and two.

Overall, Insanity works and if you’re looking to better your physical side as well as your spiritual side, you can’t go wrong with Insanity. I highly recommend it. It’s awesome!

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It’s About Risks

Posted by jeromefaraday on April 18, 2013

First off, it’s great to be back blogging on this site. I need the outlet this place provides.

Second, I’ve decided to come back with a very important topic: risk taking. While most blogs and articles will focus on the need to avoid being risky, I’m taking a different view. Isn’t it interesting that most of our “education” about risks centers around avoiding them.

Of course this makes sense because so many people take needlessly bad risks: drinking and driving, using drugs, driving fast etc. But the desire to take risks in life is actually a good thing that we need to nurture, as crazy as that sounds.

The most successful people are actually risk takers. That’s because most rewards require risk. Significant rewards usually require major risks. Starting a company, for example, requires a lot of time, effort, and risk. But, it can lead to such great rewards as more money, freedom, and flexibility.

So, taking risks in life can make us happy because it leads to greater rewards. Not only that, but risks throughout life can actually be pleasurable. Our brain enjoys the experience of taking risks with the possibility of rewards. It’s why gambling feels so good and people become addicted.

Don’t go out and do anything stupid. But, try to start taking some good risks in your life. Follow your dreams and go out on that limb to make them happen. If you stay in your current comfort zone, you’ll never enjoy the fun and meaning in life that comes with the rewards of risk taking.

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Gratitude Tip: Size Matters

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 17, 2010

I’ve heard it said a lot, mainly by coaches and other leaders, that if you do the small things right, the bigger things tend to take care of themselves. Like all nuggets of wisdom, it has its exceptions, but generally I think it holds true. Now I want to apply it to gratitude.

Nothing is too small to be grateful for. In fact, sometimes the smallest things are those which we need to be the most grateful for because their ‘smallness’ is a sign of how blessed we truly are: housing, food, clean air and water, and even breathing. These aren’t small to people who lack them!

This week, I challenge you to be grateful in every moment. When you remember, look around you and come up with ten things to be thankful about right then and there. Right now, for example, I’m grateful for my computer, the music coming from my computer, home heating, a television, the toys in my house, the kid who plays with them, her health, the safety of my neighborhood, the autumn leaves falling on my lawn, and our collection of funny DVD’s.

Try it. You’ll feel better, more grateful, and closer to God.

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Confessions of a Swinger

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 15, 2010

Please don’t get too excited…or outraged. I’m not talking about open relationships or going from partner to partner. Nope. I’m actually referring to swinging. You know, on an actual swing. And I did it at a playground.

I think American society would probably rather I was a traditional “swinger.” And that’s a problem.

As I sat on a bench surrounded by the deep pink of the burning bushes and the vivid yellows of the autumn trees, I watched my 3 year old daughter frolic on the playground. It looked pretty fun, but I felt my role was to sit and watch. Actually playing (especially by myself) would get me funny looks or categorized as either insane or horribly immature. Nonetheless, I started swinging. Of course, it probably helped that my daughter was swinging beside me.

The whole incident got me thinking: why don’t adults play? Sure, we play in our own ways like going out with friends, buying ‘toys’ like cars, etc. But, can we really have the carefree simplicity of childhood play? Where we don’t worry about status, money, or anything else except the moment? You know the moment, although it may require some serious thought.

Swinging felt really good. Not only because I could do it with my young daughter, but also because it made me feel young and carefree again. And because it helped me realize that feeling wasn’t as far away as I thought.

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Gratitude Tip: Just Do It

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 11, 2010

The following story is from today’s Sunday mass readings in the Catholic Church. It sums up well the quintessential gratitude tip: just do it.

And as [Jesus] entered a village, he was met by ten lepers, who stood at a distance and lifted up their voices and said, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.”
When he saw them he said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.”
And as they went they were cleansed.
Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice;  and he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks. Now he was a Samaritan.
Then said Jesus, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?”
And he said to him, “Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well.” (Luke 17:12-19, RSV)

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Why Do We Create A Negative Reality for Ourselves?

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 8, 2010

I posted this response (slightly modified) in an internet forum to the question of why we often fail to truly believe in our dreams and ability to create them.

I think you address a very important point about LoA failure: that crippling inner dialogue. Many LoA amateurs often see belief as a wallpaper, when in reality it’s the foundation itself. People may think they truly believe, but it’s merely paper covering a rotten core: and deep down they know it. Thus, their affirmations are a constant battle between their mind pretending and wanting to believe and the subconscious which knows the truth.

I used to be a school teacher (in the USA) and let me tell you: conditioning is real and it starts early. Even if the parents don’t beat the love of life out of a kid, the schools will happily do it for them (one reason I’m no longer in that profession). The system teaches us we should follow orders, sit still, aim low, work for someone else, retire and die. I know I’m exaggerating for effect, but it’s not too far off. This is the rotten conditioning most of us have to cut through to manifest our desires.

How do we undo it? I think it comes through recovering the joy in the everyday. We become so grateful for the present we no longer hold onto the hurts and failures of the past and feel no desperation for the future. We live in the eternal now. And with that comes a sincere and genuine (note those words) gratitude for all we have.

Granted, it’s easier to write than to do! I think achieving this state requires meditation and prayer. Why? Because both of those, when done right, bring us peace. And with peace, worry about the past and the future cease. Speaking practically I would recommend a lot of daily meditation. I’m not perfect, but I notice huge differences in my mental power when I meditate and when I don’t. I personally like self-hypnosis to get in me in the right frame of mind, followed by lots of silence and reflection.

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The Reality of the Future and Detachment

Posted by jeromefaraday on October 5, 2010

The other day I was searching for a book. I’d just had it in my hand and briefly laid it down. But, it had disappeared. I started to feel a little annoyed, then I backtracked mentally. The book was found. That’s right, I knew the book had already been found. It had to be in my bedroom somewhere. It was only a matter of a little looking. But, in the reality that exists outside of space and time (which quantum physics seems to suggest the world is in some fashion) it was already found.

It wasn’t a huge insight, but it had a profound impact on me. Much of what drives us to anxiety and fear is stuff that’s already occurred on some level. Outside of time, the job-seeker has found work, the aspiring musician has a hit song, etc. This doesn’t negate the work necessary to achieve the reality, but it allows us to detach from the outcome. For example, a person of incredible wealth who works to keep busy can approach that job in a different way than the person weighed down by debt for whom that job is a terrible necessity.

Likewise, when we’re trying to attract something in our lives, we must have such faith in its occurrence that the anxiety that comes with not having it disappears. We can’t truly be enjoying our dreams if we have anxiety about getting them. The revelation I had with the book helped me internalize an important dimension of the law of attraction: you must not only feel like you’ve already achieved it, you must also detach from the outcome by knowing its reality.

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